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What is Travel insurance?

Travel insurance offers financial protection if the worst was to happen whilst you were away. It can cover a wide range of possibilities including lost luggage or medical care. When travelling abroad you may not need to use your insurance however without it you could be left having to pay large costs if the worst was to happen.  Not only can travel insurance keep you covered whilst your away but it can also help you get your money back if you have to cancel your trip for reasons that you cannot control. 

Do I need to purchase travel insurance?

Losing your passport, having luggage stolen or even needing to stay in a foreign country are all risks associated with travelling abroad. Travel insurance is designed to offer you with added protection against these events taking place. From cancelled or delayed flights to medical emergencies, depending on the level of travel insurance you can be protected against the risks that come with travelling. 

What does holiday insurance cover?

Like all insurance policies depending on the level of cover your require or the policy you chose the level of cover can vary, below are a list of things typically covered and not covered in travel insurance.


Pre-existing medical conditions costs 

You will receive cover for any pre-existing conditions named within your policy or any separate medical issues that could possibly arise. If it is not listed on your policy then you will not be covered. 

Cancellation cover 

This will allow you to c;aim costs up to a curtain amount if you have to cancel your holiday due to an incident or event covered within your policy. 

Lost baggage & belonging 

Lost, damaged or even stolen baggage or personal belongings during the course of the holiday are also covered within travel insurance. 

Travel disruption 

If your holiday is cancelled or shortened from disruptions you will be able to claim for parts of your trip that are affected e.g. flights and accommodation


If you suffer a medical emergency whilst abroad and have to be brought back then your travel insurance will cover the costs of arranging your repatriation. 

Personal liability 

If you are at fault for an incident you will be covered for the cost of legal fees and any damages or costs you are legally liable for. This can include if you injure someone else or damage their possessions. 


Not Covered

Excluded pre-existing conditions 

Unfortunately not all pre-existing conditions are covered with travel insurance. This means you will not receive cover for any medical expense that arises from a pre-existing condition that has either been excluded or was not mentioned in your application. 

Airline strikes 

If your flight is cancelled or delayed as a result of airline strikes you may be able to claim through your travel insurance for costs such as accommodation however you will need to try and receive compensation from the airline.

Choosing not to travel 

You will not be covered for simply deciding you no longer want to go on holiday.

High risk sports

A standard travel insurance policy will not cover you for high risk activities such as winter sports however you can try to get specialist cover. 

Missed flights

If you miss your flight because you were late or did not get through security on time then you will not be covered by your travel insurance. 

Alcohol-related incidents 

If you have an accident whilst under the influence most providers are unlikely to offer you cover. 

What are the different types of travel insurance?

There are two main types of travel insurance available this being Single trip and annual multi trip:


Single-Trip Insurance 

As suggested by the name, this insurance will cover you for only one trip for a selected period of time, this is perfect for when looking for cover for a week’s holiday.


Annual Multi-Trip Insurance 

This will cover multiple trips throughout a year period. This is a popular choice for frequent travellers or if you’re looking to go on more than one holiday in the year.

What extras can I add to my travel insurance?

Winter sports cover 

If you are planning on a ski trip then a winter sports policy will be needed, this will provide you with cover for medical treatment or high value equipment related to your activities.

Excess waiver 

You can opt to pay more on your policy to waive your insurance excess and have your insurer cover 100% of any claims you make. 


Choosing gadget travel insurance can ensure you are protected for your phone and laptop should they be damaged, lost, or stolen.

Passport cover 

It is important that your passport and other important documents are protected at all times, adding passport insurance to your policy can help you resolve the issue. 

Golf equipment 

Golfing equipment can often be expensive. Having specific golf travel policies added on to your insurance can protect your equipment and also cover non-refundable green fees. 

Cruise cover 

This is designed specifically for cruise holidays. This takes into consideration the typical risks and activities that are associated with cruises and extends existing cover to any medical treatment needed whilst on board the cruise ship. 


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