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What is motorcycle insurance?

Depending on what type of cover you think is best for you, motorcycle insurance can give you a pay-out if your bike is damaged or stolen. It can also provide cover for other people involved in an accident with your motorcycle. Motorbike insurance can also cover repairs to your motorbike and damage or injury you cause to other people. Like car insurance you have the option to add extras to your motorbike insurance policy including breakdown cover, and personal accident. 

Motorbike insurance is a legal requirement if you wish to ride or keep your bike on a public road.

What affects motorbike insurance costs?


The price you will need to pay for your motorcycle insurance is determined by many different factors. These include your motorbike’s engine size, the level of cover you would like to have, your age, where you live, any claims history, and even how you use it; this can vary from social use to commuting for work. 

If you have any performance enhancing modifications on your motorcycle or cosmetic changes these can also affect the cost of your motorcycle insurance.

Why compare motorcycle insurance with Compare For Cancer?

Compare For Cancer is a not for profit company raising funds for Cancer Charities.

We are looking to hopefully raise a substantial amount of funds each year from people using our website. Helping people save money on their quotes and raising funds for Cancer Charities.

Not only is this comparison service quick and easy but all of our profits will be donated to cancer charities across the UK. 

You could save money on your motorcycle insurance whilst helping to make a difference!

What motorbike insurance do I need?


Like all types of insurance the best insurance for you is not only the most affordable one but also the one that provides you with the appropriate protection. 

There are three main types of motorcycle insurance:

  • Third Party Only 

Third-party cover is the lowest amount of cover required by law. It provides you cover for any damage you may cause to others and their property. However, you and your motorbike won’t be covered. 

  • Third party fire and theft

This offers you the same cover as a third party but with added protection for your motorcycle in the case of fire or theft.

  • Comprehensive 

This is the most extensive cover you can receive, you will receive the same cover as third party, fire, and theft as well as cover for any repaired yo your motorbike and the cost of replacing it if it is written off. It can also cover for any injury you suffer however this varies for each policy. 

Upgrades and additional cover


Like most insurances when comparing possible insurance policies you will quickly notice that some will offer additional covers, whilst these are optional they can come as an additional cost so ensure you only add the ones you think you will need:

  • Motor Legal Protection – if you are to be involved in an accident that leads to a legal claim, this could help to cover some or all of your legal costs. 
  • Helmet and leathers cover – this covers you if your riding equipment is damaged in an accident 
  • Motorcycle breakdown cover – this can help you get back on the road quickly if anything goes wrong on your motorbike.,
  • Pillion cover – this covers  any passengers who are injured whilst riding 
  • Key cover – can cover the cost of replacing any lost or stolen keys. 

How can I save money on my motorcycle insurance?


There are a few ways you could reduce the cost of your motorcycle policy:

       1. Avoid modified or unusual bikes

Insurance providers are often cautious of bikes which have had a lot of modifications, especially changes that enhance performance or increase their value. These modifications can make your motorbike more expensive to repair and more likely to attract thieves. 

      2. Limit your mileage 

The lower your annual mileage the lower the risk of you having an accident. If you can limit your mileage you can receive a cheaper premium. However, do not underestimate your mileage as this can invalidate your insurance. 

      3. Pay annually 

Paying for your motorcycle insurance as a one time full payment can work out to be cheaper, when paying monthly you are typically charged interest or finance arrangement fees if you pay your insurance monthly. 

      4. Build up your no claims discount 

For each year you avoid accidents and remain claim-free you will receive a discount on your insurance policy. 

      5. Increase your voluntary excess

By increasing the amount you are willing to pay towards a claim then your premium will often be cheaper. Make sure that the amount you set as voluntary excess if an affordable amount if you need to make a claim on your motorbike insurance. 

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