Motorbike Insurance Explained

Insurance can become confusing with add-ons and different levels of cover available. It can be difficult to know what you need. To help, we have collated a list of our top tips of everything you need to know about motorcycle insurance. 

The different types of cover you can have

The type of cover you will need for your motorcycle will determine the overall cost of the policy. When choosing your insurance cover it is important to consider your individual circumstances and budget. 


Comprehensive insurance policies offer the highest level of cover, you will be covered for damage to other people’s property or vehicle, and damage to you property or vehicle caused by an accident, fire or theft. Like most insurance policies the level of cover can differ depending on the insurance provider so it is important to check what cover you will receive on the policy before you purchase.

Third party fire or theft 

This level of cover will not cover any damage that is sustained to your motorbike. However, you will be covered for any damage that occurs to others property or vehicles in the event of an accident. You will also be covered in the event of a fire or theft. 

Third party only 

This is the lowest amount of cover you can have for motorbikes in the UK. Third party only insurance will only cover damage to others property or vehicle, meaning you and your vehicle will not be covered in the event of an accident. This insurance policy can be useful for those on a budget however can cause problems should you even need to make a claim.

Information you will need to provide


Your occupation can affect your premium, if you are deemed to be in the public eye you could need to pay more money to cover the threat of vandalism. Alternatively if your job requires regular use of the motorbike your premium could also be higher. 


Your home address must be your home address regardless of where your motorbike is kept majority of the time. If you store your bike at a different address then you must inform your insurance provider. Some insurance providers will not provide policies for a motorcycle that is not kept in a secure garage at home overnight.


Similar to car insurance the more secure your motorbike is the more likely you are to receive a discount on your insurance policy. 

Make and model 

The more expensive or powerful your motorbike is, the more expensive it will be to fix or replace it if you need to make a claim, and therefore may have to pay a higher premium.

Modifications and accessories 

Both modifications and accessories can affect the overall price of your insurance policy, it is important to declare all accessories and modifications made to your motorbike so that you can receive the correct insurance. 

Modifications are changes to your motorbike that change the overall performance, this can include uprated rear shocks, a different exhaust system or including end cans. In comparison, accessories are any changes that do not affect performance such as adding an extra seat or scott oilers. 

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