Going on holiday can always be a hassle, especially when things start to go missing. Do you ever go to pack the day before your return flight only to find the passports have gone missing? or go to pull out the holiday cash only for it not to be there? 

Well, we have a perfect list for you detailing everything you should do to keep your belongings safe from the day you land all the way to your return. 

1. Use those padlocks!

We all have those tiny padlocks perfect for suitcases sat in a kitchen draw, well, why not use them? Making sure your bags stay zipped all through the airport is important plus once you get to your stop you can continue using them, locking suitcases with valuables in when you go exploring a new country. 

2. Utilise the safe

Nowadays everywhere you go will have some sort of safe in the room. If you didn’t bring padlocks then the safe is a good alternative to store any cash you brought along with jewellery and electronics that have no need going everywhere with you. Plus, taking your fancy jewels down to the street markets will bring an awful lot of unwanted attention on those busy street’s Thieves thrive off tourists cluelessly walking around and showing off valuables. 

3. Be alert when queuing

Even if you are not one to show off your belongings when out and about, it is still important to remain alert especially if carrying a backpack as pickpocket thieves are extremely sneaky and capable of taking your valuables without making it obvious. To keep cash and electronics safe it is in your best interest when travelling, to bury valuables in the deepest part of the bag making things inaccessible without rummaging. Yes, it may seem inconvenient for you however it will definitely save the extra stress and hassle when none of your belongings go missing. 

4. Have copies of important documents 

Over 400,000 Brits report passports being lost or stolen when abroad. In addition to any other important piece of information it is becoming increasingly difficult to travel without the right documents. Covid-19 hasn’t made things any easier as if you are not vaccinated you will require that country’s health and safety form to confirm you are eligible to enter. One of the most important things is your boarding pass as without it you will not be getting on the flight, to avoid getting turned away print multiple copies and if travelling with multiple people make sure every person has at least one copy in their hand luggage. 

Having multiple documents may seem like a hassle but it can certainly save you a lot of time and money when you swiftly board your plane and head off to your dream destination. 

5. Divide belongings 

If you are travelling with multiple people then why not divide some belongings in each case? Then once you arrive just re-organise as it can be a lifesaver if a suitcase happens to go missing. We all know with the current situation how unreliable airports have been at getting our luggage from point A to B, so in this current climate we would personally recommend putting various clothes in various bags no matter how much you don’t want to haul along your friends baggage it will help in the long run preventing a holiday of the same smelly clothes. 

6. Be aware of local scammers

TripAdvisor is a website which is amazing for tips about the area around your hotel as well as any advice on the locals. As we know, many thieves take advantage of vulnerable Brits charging prices that would be unrealistic if it were in Pounds.

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