Every October since the early 90s, people across the world show their support for people who have been affected by breast cancer. Despite breast cancer being an important issue throughout the year, October gives people the opportunity to raise as much awareness and funds into research about the disease.

Regardless of the budget or number of people involved there is always something you can do to help raise money for Breast Cancer Research. Here are some things that you could try this year: 

Wear the signature pink ribbon

The most budget friendly and easy way you can contribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month is by opting to wear a pink ribbon throughout October. The pink ribbon is available in many different options such as broches, bracelets and hairpins. You could even encourage your friends to raise awareness by giving them pink ribbons to wear as well. 

Take advantage of festivities 

Not only is October Breast Cancer Awareness Month but it is also the most of Halloween, why not take advantage of the spooky season and through a Halloween breast cancer fundraiser. You could even incorporate pink to raise even more awareness. You could host a pink pumpkin carving competition where people place a donation into their favourite pumpkin. Or keep it traditional and throw a costume party/competition where people give a small donation at the entrance. Any donations can be given to breast cancer organisations. 

Create a pink tree for the office

Creating a pink tree as part of your brady cancer awareness activities is a great way to encourage other people to get involved. Simply cut pieces of pink paper into hand shapes and allow for staff members to write messages and add the tree trunk eventually there will be a fully bloomed pink tree, if you also wish to raise funds in the process leave a donation box so people can donate to leave their own handprint. 

Dress down days

Employees who are normally required to wear office wear to work can enjoy a chance to dress more casually especially if they are helping to raise money for charity. Simply provide them to wear casual clothing on a specific date/s with a requirement of a small donation. 

Take part in community events 

If you’re struggling to organise an event yourself now more than ever communities are working together to achieve goals. You and your colleagues should look to become more involved in local breast cancer awareness events and activities. This is not only a great way to easily get behind a good cause but they also can help strengthen the local community. 

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