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At Compare For Cancer, this home insurance price comparison is quick and easy to use. There are two types of home insurance cover available. These can be taken out separately or get both from the same company in a combined home insurance policy. 

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What is home insurance?

Home insurance offers homeowners reassurance. Having home insurance will protect your property and the contents against any damage or theft if the worst happens. A home insurance policy will help cover the costs of any harm to your home that is deemed unavoidable, including fires, flood damage, and stolen valuables. Although home insurance is not a legal requirement it is a cover that is highly recommended offering peace of mind for if something goes wrong.

What are the different types of home insurance?




Building Insurance

This covers the physical property including any permanent fittings such as doors and sinks.

Contents Insurance

This covers the content of your home against any damage or theft, this included TV’s and sofas

Combined Insurance

This covers both the property and its contents and will be all through the same insurer.

What does Home Insurance cover?

The precise level of cover your home insurance will provide is dependent on the provider and the type of policy you chose. Most home insurance policies will often offer similar types of protection and come with common exclusions.


Fire damage

Flooding and storm damage

Burst pipes

Falling trees



Not Covered

General wear and tear

Routine maintenance

Damage caused by negligence

Storm damage to fence

Pest infestation


Not Covered

Fire damage

Flooding and storm damage

Burst pipes

Falling trees



General wear and tear

Routine maintenance

Damage caused by negligence

Storm damage to fence

Pest infestation


How do I know which home insurance is best for me?

The best home insurance is highly dependent on what you need. If you are renting a property then your home insurance would not need to cover buildings insurance as this is something that the landlord should sort. This therefore means you will only need to look for contents insurance. 

As a homeowner you may need to consider a combined building and content policy for your home. This will offer cover for both your home’s structure and your possessions inside.it will also mean that you will have one position of contact and one premium to pay. You may even get a discount for getting both insurance types from the same provider. From there you will be able to build your policy to have any add-ons you think you may need. 

How to get a cheaper home insurance price?

Like most insurance policies there are some simple things you can do to try and reduce your buildings and contents insurance cost:

Look around

Every time your home insurance is up for renewal make sure to run a new quote with Compare For Cancer that way you can make sure you are still getting the most value for money. 

Consider a combined policy 

If you are looking to save money then a combined contents and building policy could be the best option for you as you will most likely receive a discount.

Maximise security 

Ensuring your home is equipped with high quality locks on both doors and windows combined with security alarms and smoke alarms could reduce your home insurance costs.  

Increase the excess

If you are prepared to raise the amount you contribute towards a claim you will usually pay a lower premium. 

Build up you no-claims

Some of the best home insurance savings will come from a no-claims discount, if you do not make a claim on your home insurance you could receive a discount on your next premium. Essentially the longer you go without claiming the more you can save on your house insurance cost. 

What information do i need to start a quote

When starting your home insurance quote with Compare For Cancer is is always helpful to have some basic information about your property this can include:

  • Your current home insurance policy documents
  • Details about your property
  • The rebuild value of your home
  • The level of cover you need

What home insurance add-ons are available?

As previously mentioned when looking into home insurance policies you can tailor your policy to suit your needs with additional extras, these include:

Home emergency cover

This offers immediate help in the case of an emergency if there is a risk of further damage to your home or a risk of a family member’s health; this can include a broken boiler in winter. 

Accidental damage cover

This could cover damage caused by your family that was unforeseen. This can vary from spilling red wine on carpet to putting your foot through the ceiling from the loft. 

Personal possessions

This offers protection for items such as your mobile phone or laptop for if they are lost or stolen.

Alternative accommodation

This is commonly included as a standard but for some policies you may need to add this on. This could cover you if your property becomes uninhabitable due to flooding, fire, subsidence or storm damage. Your insurance provider will pay for temporary accommodation so that you will have somewhere to stay in an emergency.

Why compare home insurance here ?

Not only is this comparison service quick and easy but all of our profits will be donated to cancer charities across the UK. 

You could save money on your home insurance whilst helping to make a difference!

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*51% of consumers who purchased Home Building & Contents Insurance through this service provided by Seopa Ltd in October 2022 were quoted less than £189.71. The price you could achieve is dependent on your individual circumstances.