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A guide to home insurance

Trying to decide which type of home insurance would be best for you can often become frustrating. With options to protect just your home or just prized possessions the options are endless. 

What are the different types of home insurance?

There are three main types of home insurance available: building only, contents only or combined cover. The level of protection is different for all three so it is important to know which one offers the best cover for what you need. 

Building only cover

Building insurance offers protections against the actual bricks and mortar of your home. Whilst each policy will vary this type of cover normally covers you for the costs of repairing or rebuilding your home if it was damaged or destroyed by things such as natural disasters, malicious persons, flooding or fires. 

Permanent structures including fitted kitchens as well as out building such as garages are also covered under most of building policies. 

Contents insurance

Content insurance protects the belongings inside your home and garden. The policy covers your home against loss or damage that has been caused by floor, fire, theft, natural disasters and other circumstances. 

However, contents insurance is seen to be pointless if you are not covered against general wear and tear. It only offers protection if your belongings are destroyed or damaged as a result of one of the circumstances detailed above. 

In most cases you will need additional cover to protect against breakages and spillages inside the home. 

Building and contents insurance 

As expected in the name building and contents cover combines both types of insurance under the one policy meaning you can save time on admin.

What types of home insurance do I need?

If you have a mortgage for your property then you are legally required to have building insurance, your mortgage provider or broker will most likely recommend a certain insurer to try however that may not necessarily be the best cover available. Always shop around to explore your options. 

If you rent a property, building insurance is often the landlord’s responsibility. However is it down to you to arrange additional contents for your belongings. This also applied to students who are living away from home. 

Its important to remember that each policy differs so ensure to look through the cover details as well as the terms and conditions to know exactly what you are covered for. 

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